Premier exits the Medicare market

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Thousands were forced to find new Medicare coverage as Premier exits the insurance market. The Medicare Resource Center in Dayton Ohio provided an easy and seamless solution to help those affected find new coverage.

New Medicare Cards Are Coming

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2018 Medicare Prescription Drug Costs

October 24, 2017

With prescription medication costs on the rise,  Medicare Part D prescription drug programs change with it. Every year I advise our clients to check and see if their program is still working for them. The most common response I get is "I am happy with my plan". With that being said, every Medicare Part D program changes what drugs they cover and sometimes even eliminate certain medications from their formulary. Last week I had a client that was very happy with their Medicare plan and I had a hard time explaining that whatever applied to 2017 will undoubtedly change in 2018. Medicare drug programs are only as good as the medications that they cover. My client was shocked when I revealed that she could save over $200 in monthly copayments by simply changing Medicare plans. I showed her the difference between her 2017 and 2018 plan and what the consequence would be if she stayed with the plan I put her on last year. The best advice I give my clients has to do with prescription drug costs. As an agent, the one expense I know will come for 2018 will be those darn medications. Our Medicare clients need to be conditioned to check every year just to make sure they are enrolled in the right plan. That is the tool we use at the Medicare Resource Center to inform Medicare beneficiaries of the most cost effective way to pay for medications. This annual election period which ends December 7th has already showed us that many of our own clients saved thousands of dollars a year by taking a look. Today, we had someone walk into our Medicare store and we were able to save him almost $300 a month in medication copays. Not looking at all of your options could cost you dearly in the long run!

New Medicare Cards for 2018

February 22, 2018

Medicare is getting ready to issue all 60 million of its beneficiaries new identifications cards with new ID numbers as way to combat identity theft and fraud.

The rollout begins this April, but the Medicare Resource Center is already beginning its outreach campaign.

 Until now, Medicare used people's Social Security numbers. But Congress in 2015 passed a law requiring the agency to change that as a way to protect seniors from identity theft. The new identifiers will be a randomly generated sequence of 11 numbers and letters.

"Changing numbers for nearly 60 million people on Medicare may be a hassle, but it's a good idea given the bigger hassles that come with identity theft," says Tricia Nuemann the director of the Program on Medicare Policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

AARP has long advocated for the change because of concerns that seniors' identities would be stolen. 

 The Medicare Resource Center has made a move to be proactive about this unprecedented change to help beneficiaries know what to expect when their new card arrives. The change is a phase in so many people will receive their card at a different time than their friends and neighbors will. The concern about when the new card will work or when the old card will be obsolete will raise questions for both doctors and beneficiaries.

The Medicare Resource Center, located in Dayton Ohio is holding weekly educational presentations to help beneficiaries with the transition to the new card so they know what to expect. They have partnered with The Medical Center at St. Elizabeth Place to ensure that people receiving Medicare benefits will understand how the change could affect other coverages.

Medicare enrollment 2019

The 2019 Medicare Annual Election Period 

October 1, 2018

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period can be a stressful time for Medicare beneficiaries. The period that starts October 15th and ends December 7th gives enrollees an opportunity to change their Medicare plan to something more cost effective. The problem beneficiaries have is that they don't like change. Not taking a look at your Medicare plan coverages for the upcoming year can come at a huge cost. Many companies offering Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans depend on their members complacency to remain profitable. The 2019 Annual Enrollment Period is the one opportunity to look and see what the competition is doing. I can't tell you how many times we have heard the word "I like my plan and I don't want to change" at the beginning of an annual review. Most people quickly change their mind when we show them how they can save hundreds of dollars every month on prescription drug copayments by making a simple change. Sometimes the change doesn't even require changing your insurance company. Many Medicare Advantage plans and Part D plan carriers have multiple options under the same name. It never hurts to check and see if your current Medicare plan has introduced a new option for 2019. Most of America's largest insurance companies are offering plans in 2019 that were not previously available in 2018. In fact, we are seeing the 2019 Annual Election Period as one of the most opportune times to consider making a change. The staff at Medicare Resource Center can review every single 2019 option with you in about an hour.