What's New With Medicare?

2019 will bring forth new challenges for Medicare beneficiaries.

Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare brings back the "Open Enrollment Period"

January 1, 2019

The Medicare Open Enrollment Period is back for 2019 but it is different from the Open Enrollment Period from years ago. Years ago Medicare would allow you to make one "like to like" plan change from January 1 - March 31. In 2019, only those having Medicare Advantage plans can make such a change. The Medicare Resource Center in Dayton Ohio thinks this was a very positive change for Medicare beneficiaries that was long overdue. This means that people that missed the Annual Election Period which ended December 7th will now have an additional 3 month window to make another option. Unfortunately, this option is only extended to those members of Medicare Advantage plans. Members of stand alone Part D plans cannot make a change unless they have a Special election Period.

Opiod Dependency

Medicare and Opioid Dependency

January 10, 2019

Beginning in January Medicare will not allow people who are considered at risk for opioid dependency to change Medicare plans even if they have they have a valid special enrollment period. This new rule makes changing your Medicare more complicated than in years past. 

Medicare Disabled

Medicare Limiting Enrollments For People With Medicaid 

January 12, 2019

The Medicare Resource Center in Dayton Ohio is trying to get the word out about some changes that Medicare put in place for 2019. Beginning January of this year, Medicare is limiting when Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries can change Medicare plan providers. Historically, people that were considered "dual eligible" had the option to change their Medicare plan anytime throughout the year. For instance, we had a client last year who had some health complications during the summer and was prescribed a new medication that was not covered by her Medicare plan. We were able to change her to a plan that covered that medication without any financial hardship to the client. This year it is not going to be that simple. Medicare is now restricting these types of changes to once a quarter. This new rule affects people with Medicare and Medicaid and those receiving extra help with prescription drug costs. This new rule could put potentially put financially challenged people at risk for uncovered medical and prescription drug costs.